How to make paneer (cottage cheese) at home:

Paneer made at home

Paneer is an Indian cottage cheese extracted from milk and loved by all the people. Paneer is rich in proteins and calcium.this dish is very common among Punjabis and variety of delicious dishes can be prepared out this item such as North indian recipesPaneer butter masala, paneer tikka, paneer tikka masala, matar paneer, paneer pulao etc….in south india Paneer dosa is very much famous. Usually the paneer which we buy from outside is little bit hard as well as sometimes sour to taste. I always prefer of making paneer at home as it is very easy to make and we can get fresh, soft and delicious paneer. Sharing the process of making paneer at home with all my friends who are not yet tried of making paneer at home.


  • Milk : 1ltr
  • Lemon : 1/2portion



  • Pour milk in a deep bottom vessel and bring to boil.

how to make paneer

  • Slow the flame, squeeze lemon juice into boiling milk while continuously stirring.

how to make paneer_milk_extract

  • Stir continuously in low flame till the milk start curdling and water is completely separated.(time took for me was 3 mins approx)
  • Switch off flame. transfer the milk extract to a muslin cloth.

how to make paneer_transfering_milk_extract_to_cloth

  • Remove excess water from the milk extract.  Tie it in a muslin cloth tightly and hang it somewhere for 1 hour so that water from Paneer is completely drained out.

how to make paneer_removing_water

  • To bring it to a nice shape keep a heavy object  over wrapped Paneer,  i kept a pressure cooker filled with water for 2 hours.

how to make paneer_keeping_weight

  • Cut into desired shapes or else standard shape – cubes and use it. We can store it in a air tight   container in refrigerator for a week.
How to make paneer at home

How to make paneer at home

Healthy and delicious Paneer is ready.

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