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Healthy drinking habits

Written by Issac John

Water plays a crucial and important role in our daily life.50%-60 % of human body is made up of water contents. We have seen plants in our garden shrinks down if we don’t water them for one day.Same will happen to our own body if we don’t have a healthy drinking habit. Changing our  old habits should be bit difficult but continuous and steady efforts will surely bring positive changes in your life

How much water should i drink ?

Most of the people are aware of the fact that drinking water is an essential thing  but they may not know how much quantity they should drink.A normal adult should  drink 2 liter of water daily. This quantity should be increased during summer season and if you are doing exercise also.

How to develop a Healthy drinking habit ?

  1. First and foremost tip is to drink water through out the day.Not just when you feel thirst because by the time you are thirsty you might get exhausted.
  2.  Drink a glass of water every morning in empty stomach, this has  immense good results on your body health. Drinking water empty stomach will clean inner walls of the intestine and thus in proving its ability to absorb more nutrients from you food. It can even give you glowing skin removes toxins from blood.
  3.  Best way to ensure proper drinking habit is to build a routine.
  4. Do regular exercise. This.This habit will increase you thirst and helps to intake more water. Drink water before,during and after  your exercise session. Unless you are doing your exercise for more than 1 hour you don’t have to supplement with any energy drink,just pure drinking water should be enough
  5. Drink water half an hour before and after your meal.Drink only minimum amount of water during meal. This habit will ensure that your gastric acid will not get diluted and have a proper digestion
  6. Carry a bottle of water with you even when you are travelling.Try and avoid drinking packed water.Even this simple tip can keep your health intact
  7. Keep a track of  your own habit. This will help you to ensure that you are moving ahead on the right path.To stick on to a good habit really needs a  strong will.

Dream a Healthy Drinking Habit !!!
Build a  Healthy Drinking Habit !!!
Stick to a Healthy Drinking Habit !!!

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