Semiya Payasam (Vermicelli Kheer)

Semiya payasam is one of the simplest & delicious desserts of South Indians. This dessert is prepared by combining vermicelli, milk, sugar & nuts. Usually it is prepared during birthday, anniversary or any special occasion/festival which we love to celebrate. We can also call it as Vermicelli pudding.




  • Vermicelli/ Semiya – 150gms (Roasted)
  • Milk – 1litre (I used Amul milk)
  • Sugar – 1cup
  • Cashew nuts – 6nos
  • Raisins – 5nos
  • Ghee – 1tsp
  • Cardamamon/ Elakka powder – 1tsp (optional)


  • Take a deep bottom vessel, add roasted vermicelli & 2cups milk & bring it to boil. Low flame & cook till milk becomes thick & crude. See that it should not get burnt. Stir it continuously with spatula.
  • When milk has become crude, add again 2cup of milk & repeat the process of making it crude. Stir it in regular intervals. Keep the gas in low flame during all these process.
  • Add sugar & 1cup milk & nicely stir the kheer. When the Milk has become almost crude, add the balance left milk & powder elakka. Stir continuously for 3 to 4mins in low flame.
  • Roast the cashewnuts & raisins in ghee & garnish it into the kheer.

Semiya payasam/ Vermicelli Kheer are ready to serve.

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