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[ingredients title=”Healthy Tips:”]

  • Avoid adding too much of mustard seeds in recipes as it are not good for our eyes.
  • Eating cucumber on a daily basis keeps you free from constipation as well as helps to reduce your weight.
  • Add 1tsp of honey in ½ glass of warm water and drink every day at early morning before food helps in weight loss.
  • Drinking Ginger Tea keeps you away from cough and cold.


[ingredients title=”Cooking Tips:”]

  • Always keep coriander leaves & curry leaves wrapped in newspaper & keep in plastic cover before refrigerating them can keep them fresh for a week.
  • Remove the stems of green chilies & store in the container before refrigerating them can keep them fresh for longer.
  • Add a half tsp of oil while cooking Dal or any cereals so that it is not spreaded in the Cooker.
  • Never wash chopped vegetables as it will lose its minerals & vitamins.
  • Peel potatoes, eggplant & keep soaked in water to retain its color.
  • Add a little salt while sautéing onion so that the onion becomes tender faster.
  • To have fluffy chapathis, add a little curd or milk to the dough while mixing. It will smoothen the dough
  • If your gravy becomes spicier add a little coconut oil, it will reduce the spicy.
  • To reduce the extra salt in the gravy, add a potato.
  • To make crispy dosa like restaurant style, add a little chana (Beasan/ kadala/ chickpea)powder.
  • You can easily remove the coconut out of its shell by burning it slightly on stove before breaking.
  • To avoid crying while cutting onion, just soak the peeled onion in water for few minutes and the cut it.
  • Add one tsp of oil while cooking turdal in pressure cooker. The turdal will not split outside the vessel and easy for you in cleaning the cooker.
  • To remove black stain from inside the cooker, cut a lemon and put into the cooker, add 2 glass of water and boil for 5mins. Then clean the cooker normally. Repeat this process once in a week. Gradually the black stain will remove.
  • Tomato sauce can be substituted with tomatoes if you don’t have fresh tomatoes at home.
  • Remove the stems of green chilies and keep it closed in air tight container in refrigerator to retain its freshness.


[ingredients title=”Beauty Tips:”]

  •  To remove dark circles under eyes, just keep a potato slice or cucumber slice.
  • Before getting ready for party or any function, just rub your face with tomato & leave your face for 5 mins & then wash your face. Please don’t wash with soap. Your skin will glow.
  • To remove dandruff, massage your hair with warm coconut oil/ any oil we use.
  • To have glowing skin, mix chana (Beasan/ kadala/ chickpea) powder with few drops of tomato juice and milk and massage the paste on face for 10 minutes. Then wash with cold water. This can be used instead of soap. This will increase your complexion.



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