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A warm and heartily welcome to you for opening up my heart and soul page, Spicy Cookery, a platform for me to share my cooking recipes with all of you. Myself, Sandhya, the cook, the author and the home maker. Cooking being my passion since I was 10 has brought me here to share with you my new flavors which I created in my kitchen. Expressing my humbleness before you by proclaiming that I am neither a professional chef nor do I have obtained training in the same.

This idea of starting something different strikes me this way. Every time I visit a restaurant with my better half I feel the urge to get back home and try the same ordered dish in my way. When I refer to my way it simply means that I use the right amount of oil and healthy raw materials. And thanks to God almighty, every experiment of mine had turned awesomely delicious. As an aftermath it inspired me to get deep into innovations in food for thought. I really enjoy cooking & it is a real divine to see my family members enjoying my food. My family members are my pillars who stood with me and insisted that I commence with a unique creation like this.

From my childhood, I used to be with my mom in her kitchen helping her in cooking. My Dad was the first person who introduced me to the Food world when I was 10yrs old & he was a wonderful cook. My Mom is not less to anyone. Being a great cook she makes Kerala traditional recipes the best with her marvelous hands & lots of mommy love filled in it. Pickles are her master piece. I have an elder brother who loves sweets the most. He makes Kerala traditional payasams extremely good.

Spicycookery.com is a platform for me to share all my recipes which I have learned & tested on my husband & father in law. My husband, who is a good friend and a perfect soul mate, has encouraged me to be a better cook & spent hours to design & develop this wonderful site with the help of his colleague. Thank you very much for understanding my passion & inspiring me.

If you are a Reluctant Gourmet then I will help turn you in to a fearless gourmet with cooking tips, techniques and hundreds of tasty recipes. The main aim of starting this site is to inspire others to cook & show if we love cooking then we can create wonders in our kitchen. In Spicycookery.com you can find Recipes where I have categorized Vegetarian & Non Vegetarian dishes, then we have bachelors corner, Festival corner…. Most of my food shared in this site is learnt from my mom, husband, books, Tv shows, radio due to my interest in cooking. Please make a note that all the recipes which I have posted in my site are tried & tested many times in our dining table. Hope you all will enjoy my food & give all your valuables comments & suggestions as my family is doing.

If you have any queries in regard to my recipes, kindly mail me at spicycookery.com[at]gmail.com or else kindly use the comment section of that recipe page. Your feedback & suggestions are highly appreciated.

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